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Supervision for Social Work Licensure in MN

Seeking a Supervisor?

The Professional Matrix will assist you in finding a supervisor! We are committed to providing this valuable service to individuals statewide. The Professional Matrix hopes to be able to provide a network of supervision to social workers in all areas of Minnesota.

TPM offers a statewide resource for supervision. We have most areas in MN covered with contracted supervisors.

The Professional Matrix hopes to connect you with supervisors in your area and offers helpful information and handouts regarding supervision.

How does supervision benefit your employer?

This document will strengthen your case in employers assisting with payment for supervision.

Need help explaining why Supervision should be paid for as a work expense to Employers?
How do I begin to ask my employer to pay for my supervision?

This document will assist you in how, and when to ask for reimbursement for supervision for licensure.

This document is an executive summary of research from the American Public Human Services Association. This interesting survey of child welfare administrators and managers from 42 states shows that supervision was an important factor in influencing hiring and retention of child welfare workers and supervisors. This is research that may be helpful to provide to employers on your behalf.

Supervision Rates

Affordability is a top priority for The Professional Matrix, our supervisors will have an interest in sharing their knowledge, experience and commitment to the profession of social work.

Supervisors are licensed to practice in the state of Minnesota and will have met the required training for supervision and will provide supervisee's with the documentation they have given to the MN Board of Social Work. For supervision rates, see the Supervision Rate below.

  Requirement Individual Supervision Per Hour Group Supervision Per Hour Supervisee Monthly Total
BSW 4 Hours $35.00 $25.00
(Max Supervisees per group is 5-6)
4 Hours Total: $120.00
MSW (Non-Clinical) 4 Hours $50.00 $30.00
(Max Supervisees per group is 5-6)
4 Hours Total: $160.00
MSW (Clinical) 8 Hours or 4 Hours (25% done by another MH Professional)

BOSW states that an LGSW working toward LICSW licensure needs to have a minimum of 4 hours and a max of 8 hours per 160 hours of practice.
$45.00 $25.00
(Max Supervisees per group is 5-6)
8 Hours Total: $280.00

(4 Group Hours = $100.00 + 4 Individual Hours = $180.00)

Per state of MN regulations, 1/2 of supervision requirements must be in one to one, face to face supervision. The supervisee will receive supervision in the following content areas:

  • Development of professional values and responsibilities
  • Practice skills
  • Authorized scope of practice
  • Ensuring continuing competence
  • Ethical standards of practice

Clinical supervision will also include:

  • The diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral illness and disturbances

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Requirements for Supervision

The below information is a general guide, however for a more complete description of requirements, questions, laws, and definitions, please refer to the MN Board of Social Work.

Licensure Level Requirement as of 7/31/2011 Who is able to Supervise?
LSW - Licensed Social Worker 100 hours per 4000 hours of practice LSW who has completed supervision, LGSW, LISW, LICSW
LISW - Licensed Independent Social Worker 100 hours per 4000 hours of practice LISW or LICSW
LICSW - Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker 200 hours per 4000 hours of practice

Post-licensure supervised practice hours required for licensed graduate social workers (LGSWs) who DO practice clinically from 75 hours to 200 hours, on an ongoing basis, at the rate of a minimum of four hours and a maximum of eight hours of supervision for every 160 hours of practice

A Supervisee will need to complete a supervision plan required by the MN Board of Social Work.

All supervisors- for all levels of licensure- will need to have completed 30 hours of education or training in supervision by 7/31/11.

After 7/31/11 supervisors will need 6 hours of continuing education in supervision every renewal period thereafter (after 2011).

Alternate Supervisor Requirements Effective August 1, 2012

Full details regarding the Alternate Supervisor Requirements may be found in Minnesota Statutes 148E.120, subdivision 2.

25% Supervision Hours Provided by Alternate Supervisor

If supervision hours received from an alternate supervisor exceed the 25% limitation, a portion of supervision may be denied. The supervisee and the supervisor are responsible to track the supervision hours, including the number of supervision hours received from an alternate supervisor.

Up to 25% of the required supervision hours may be provided by an alternate supervisor who is licensed and qualified to provide supervision according to their respective licensing board and is a Mental Health Professional as defined in Minnesota Statutes 245.462

Please refer to the MN Board of Social Work for additional information, questions or concerns.