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Seeking Supervision

For general information on supervision (cost, requirements, policies) please see the General Info page.

All TPM supervisors are licensed with the MN Board of Social Work.

All supervisors will provide documentation of supervision education (initial 30 hours) needed by 8/01/2011 to ensure the ability to supervise others. (a copy of this form is required by the MN Board of Social Work)

Requirements for Supervision

Licensure Level Requirement as of 7/31/2011 Who is able to Supervise?
LSW - Licensed Social Worker 100 hours per 4000 hours of practice LSW who has completed supervision, LGSW, LISW, LICSW
LISW - Licensed Independent Social Worker 100 hours per 4000 hours of practice LISW or LICSW
LICSW - Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker 200 hours per 4000 hours of practice
Post-licensure supervised practice hours required for licensed graduate social workers (LGSWs) who DO practice clinically from 75 hours to 200 hours, on an ongoing basis, at the rate of a minimum of four hours and a maximum of eight hours of supervision for every 160 hours of practice

To start the process of finding your supervisor, please fill out the following form:

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