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The Professional Matrix provides an affordable network and resource for obtaining supervision required for licensure for social work professionals in the state of Minnesota.

The Professional, Inc. is a Social Work Professional Firm registered with the Minnesota Board of Social Work.

We are committed to this enduring and dynamic profession by offering resources that enhance the individuals who work in this challenging and rewarding field.

Welcome Letter

Hello and Welcome to The Professional Matrix,

I am a social worker. Rather, I am a proud social worker. I have found this profession rewarding, dynamic, and challenging. While serving as the representative for the Minnesota Society for Clinical Social Work on the Minnesota Coalition for Social Workers, I watched and participated in the process that led to legislation that raised the standards for obtaining social work licensure at all levels. I believe that the new standards for social workers will make our profession stronger, and will better serve the people we work with everyday.

However, I felt, as did many others, concern for those new graduates who will need to meet these standards. How will the practical aspects of this excellent law be implemented? How will people find supervisors and how will they be able to pay for it? And, how can we help and support those able to supervise in order to expand the resource of supervision?

There are approximately 11,000 social workers in Minnesota. All of us are the answer to these questions. This fulfilling profession we belong to, have passion about, have experience in, needs us to be a resource to its members. All of us have experience and knowledge, and sharing that with others is beneficial for individuals as well as for the profession as a whole.

I started The Professional Matrix Inc, in 2008. The goal is to assist both supervisors and supervisees connect with each other, offer affordable resources, meet the new requirements for supervision/continuing education, and to make the process easier and more user friendly. I hope that The Professional Matrix serves you well.

Sarah Anderson, MSW, LICSW

Executive Director's Bio

Sarah Anderson is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. She received her Bachelor's of Social Work from Augsburg College in 1999 and her Master of Social Work from the College of St. Catherine/University of St. Thomas School of Social Work in 2003.

Sarah started The Professional Matrix Inc. in 2008 which assists MN social workers in receiving and providing affordable, high quality social work supervision as required by MN licensure.

Sarah practices clinical social work at Psych Recovery, Inc. in St. Paul, MN where she is also the CEO and the Program Director for Psych Recovery Senior Services. Her clinical practice includes working with adults and Adolescence struggling with a wide array of mental illnesses. she has written which is a copy written program named Solveig IOP, which is an outpatient intensive program for those struggling with severe symptoms associated with mental illness. Solveig IOP has been proven to be both very helpful and beneficial for the clientele, as well as is based in ACT and CBT therapeutic modules, both of which she is extensively trained in.

Sarah is a fellow of the The Minnesota Society for Clinical Social Work and served on the board for 12 years in many positions, (including President, Reprehensive for the Coalition of Licensed Social Workers, and Legislative Chair). In addition, Ms. Anderson has been Adjunct Faculty at CSC/UST School of Social Work where she taught Clinical coursework within the MSW program. Sarah remains a member or fellow of MSCSW, NASW, CSWA and ACBS.

Customer Comments

regarding The Professional Matrix

"TPM has been so instrumental in obtaining my supervision. TPM has helped to build my confidence as a professional in the social work field. Sarah Anderson has a tremendous heart and compassion in helping other social workers go all the way in getting their LICSW. She is an excellent resource and is able to answer a wide range of questions and concerns for licensees. It is affordable, easy and offers a wide range of wonderful choices. This company is fantastic.
Thanks so much Sarah!!!" ~Holley

"Is it really this easy? I loved setting up my supervision through you! I had many choices, all of which were above my expectations. I appreciate that your supervisors all WANT to provide the supervision and come to the table with a willing and capable hat on. I appreciate that the prices are fair. Thank you for also organizing group supervision, it keeps the cost down and widens my supervision experience" ~Donna

"Thank you for publicly posting all the supervision documents. They are clear, helpful and a great resource. I think using the supervision agreement will help in getting supervision off to the right start!" ~Andrea

"I can not tell you how frustrating it has been living outside of the metro area. Supervision has been a very difficult part of maintaining my license. You seem to be committed to the profession, as well as affordable prices. THANK YOU!" ~DK

"It's about time! What a great idea- and wonderful network you have here!" ~Steve

"Thank You for starting The Professional Matrix. You are an inspiration. New workers need quality affordable supervision - not $100 an hour fees!" ~ JE



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